How else can I gain work experience?

What are leadership opportunities?

What are volunteer opportunities?

What are part-time opportunities?

Hard and soft skills you may use/develop in these positions:

  • Budgeting
  • Supervision
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Strategy
  • Analysis
  • Statistical software expertise
  • Customer service
  • Attention to detail
  • Database research
  • Implementing contracts with vendors
  • Data entry and/or analysis
  • Event planning
  • Project management
  • Organization
  • Team building and/or management
  • Counseling
  • Tutoring
  • Teaching
  • Coaching
  • Communication: speaking, writing, listening
  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge of scientific terms, lab procedures, equipment and bench research
  • Languages
  • IT-related services

Additional Experience

In addition to jobs and internships, there are many ways to build your resume and get valuable experience. On-campus leadership positions, volunteer positions and part-time positions can help you build new skills, learn how the skills you have may apply to other work situations (transferable skills), and allow you to apply classroom learning to real situations. Whether a position is paid or unpaid, on-campus or off-campus, it’s the experience that counts. Learn what makes each position different, why it’s a valuable experience, and how you can find available opportunities.

On-Campus Leadership

A campus environment provides a great opportunity for students to “step up” either formally or informally, to influence others in order to accomplish a common task. It can be incidental and/or a one-time behavior, or it can be more formal and publicly acknowledged as leadership. Any of these situations may be resume worthy. The scope of leadership opportunities varies vastly across campus.

Why do it?

Being a leader of people, projects, or both can challenge you to develop as a person and help you determine if you are comfortable and capable of leading others. Additionally, you may further define yourself and the environments in which you feel most comfortable by taking a stand for something you believe in. Plus, you’ll build transferable skills that you can highlight on your resume.

Future employers and graduate school admissions committees will view your application more favorably if they see that you are a person who makes commitments and assumes responsibility, especially if you can express your experience as a challenge with positive outcomes.

Where can I find positions?

The opportunities to distinguish yourself as a leader are almost endless, and depend upon your taking the initiative and demonstrating to others that you want to lead. Take advantage of these opportunities on campus (partial listing):


Volunteering means offering your time, skills or strengths to help others or support a cause. It can be a one-time situation or an ongoing position, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a year or longer.  You may work with a team or individually, on or off-campus. Generally, volunteers are unpaid, but you may be eligible to receive a stipend depending on the organization.

Why do it?

If you have limited time, need flexibility or less stress than a leadership position, offering your time and skills to an organization will make you feel good about giving to others and will certainly be appreciated by the organization.

You can develop networking connections in your areas of interest for future career choices while practicing and refining your people skills, including coaching, teaching, patience and understanding. Particular academic skills may also be appreciated, such as budgeting or using a particular software program.  You will also have an opportunity to reflect upon the types of environments and working arrangements that suit your strengths and skills.

Where can I find positions?

There are almost limitless possibilities for volunteers through formally organized programs, or simply through random acts of generosity and kindness.  Simply find something you are interested in and ask if they could use your help.

Select on-campus opportunities:

Select off-campus opportunities:

Part-time Jobs

A part-time job is a paid position ranging anywhere from several hours to about 20 hours a week.  Generally, students seek part-time jobs to make some extra money, but they can be valuable resume builders as well!

Why work part-time?

Any position in which you show up on time, perform your duties responsibly, establish positive relationships, and reliably work on and/or deliver a product or service can be considered a good resume builder. If you have to, or want to, work part-time, it is a great opportunity to become familiar with a professional work environment, and to network within it, whether on or off campus. Employers will see that you have worked in a professional environment and they will appreciate the transferable skills you have learned there.  Employers will also appreciate the effort you have taken to help pay for your college education.

Where can I find positions?