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Going Global offers specialized information on jobs and internships in 34 countries across fields, industries, and organizations. Going Global also provides invaluable resources on employment trends, interviews, work visas, and country-specific resumes. To access Going Global, log in to B.hired > Resource Library.

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International Search

Full-time, Internship & Volunteer Opportunities

The 21st century marketplace is global. Professionals work internationally every day - whether they pursue their careers at home or move to another country. Clients, customers, and colleagues may be anywhere in the world.

Opportunities abound to pursue work that matches your international interests and goals. In this section you’ll find resources for searching for international full-time work, internship and volunteer opportunities.  Begin with the essential steps for getting started on your search below to create a clear picture of your proposed international experience. Then, use Hiatt’s many resources to focus in on the type of opportunity that works best for you and to help you find it!

Getting Started

Searching for an international work, internship or volunteer opportunity involves many of the same steps as a domestic search. In addition to knowing your values, skills and interests, setting goals, and creating solid resumes and cover letters, there are several additional steps that are essential to the search process:

  1. List your top five goals for working, interning or volunteering abroad (e.g. gaining experience in a field, enhancing language skills, cultural immersion, etc.).
  2. Identify the destination that you would really like to target and that best matches these goals. If you are having trouble narrowing to one destination, identify no more than three potential sites.
  3. Identify your top three fields or areas of interest. These will be the focal points of your search.
  4. Assess your skills and experience with respect to your proposed area(s) of interest (e.g. courses you have taken, past work, languages, cross-cultural skills, etc.)
  5. Research the current social, political, marketplace and economic trends in your host country that will affect your plans.
  6. Check the website of your proposed host country in your home country to learn about obtaining permission to pursue paid or unpaid work legally. The process to obtain work visas can be lengthy. It is important to know the requirements and include plenty of time to meet them.

International Opportunities

Gaining valuable international experience can take several forms. Learn about the types of opportunities, best search strategies and special considerations that will affect your international search for:

Internationally-Related Centers, Schools and Academic Departments On-Campus

Keep current on all the international activities, news and opportunities at Brandeis through the Global Brandeis portal.  Brandeis may have specific resources or activities in your targeted geographic area. Also, the following links will connect you with schools and centers providing a wealth of expert advice and country- and region-specific resources:

Academic departments can provide a wealth of information about global issues in their fields – connect with faculty and discuss your worldwide interests. Each department listed below has a specific international focus:

Resumes/CVs Outside of the U.S.

When you’re ready to apply to a position, you’ll need a resume that corresponds to the standard format of the country in which you will be using it. Going Global (accessible via B.hired > Resource Library) is a valuable resource offering examples of country-specific resumes. Choose the country of interest and click on "Resume Resources."

Coming Back from Abroad

Studying, interning, and living in another country provide exceptional opportunities for you to acquire critical skills to compete in the global marketplace. The resources in these pages can also help you to continue to enhance your international perspective. Review a sample resume and tips for how to integrate your international experience into your resume. We also encourage you to meet with counselors at Hiatt and the Study Abroad Office to discuss how to incorporate your global experience into life back at Brandeis and your future career plans.