Internship Credit Guidelines

In order to be eligible for an internship course, an internship must

-Last 100 hours over 10 weeks (fall/spring) or 6 weeks during the summer

-Have faculty approval before internship begins

-Be paid or unpaid

-Have a rigorous academic component (designed by a faculty)

-Not be used for multiple internship courses

*Full UCC Guidelines Document

Research Internship 93a

  • Currently offered in BIO, BCHM, COSI, PHYS & PSYC**
  •  Independent Research Internship 93a courses provide students with an opportunity to work in a research lab for one semester, usually on-campus, pursuing a project with a faculty member that has the potential to produce new scientific results.

Internship Course: 93a Independent Research Internship
Usually in fall and spring, occasionally in summer
10 hr/week Research Internship concurrent with one-on-one with faculty supervision

Academic Requirements:

Varying; Research, group collaboration, oral and written presentation
Grading: Letter Grade
Start By:
Contacting Internship Coordinator, UAH or faculty member
Enrollment: 93a Add Form
  • With a faculty member, you would design a Research project which supports the research agenda of the group or department.
  • The project typically includes background research, lab work, and collaboration with other group members and/or faculty.
  • Course requires signature of the instructor, is subject to the availability of undergraduate research positions, and is typically open only to juniors and seniors.
  • See individual department/program UAH for more information