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The new Brandeis Internship Exchange is an easy and convenient online tool for Brandeis students to find and share real internship opportunities.  Just log on with your UNET ID and instantly search for leads, information, and recommendations for internships posted exclusively for Brandeis students, by Brandeis students.

Why Use the Brandeis Internship Exchange

If you need an internship

Use this new online tool to find out where other Brandeis students have interned and if they had a good experience.  It’s a great place to start looking for an internship. You can do a basic search or an advanced search to find internships that fit your interests and goals.   

If you just finished an internship

In just 5 minutes, you can share your experience anonymously with your fellow classmates so that other Brandeisians can learn from your experience. At some point you, too, were searching for an exciting internship.  The more internships that are listed, the more opportunities are available to Brandeis students.  Good internship sites should be shared so that others can prosper; likewise with so-so internships.  Help get the word out.

How to Use the Brandeis Internship Exchange

To search for internships

The Brandeis Internship Exchange contains hundreds of internship listings and reviews by Brandeis undergrads so you can search by industry, major, organization or keyword to get ideas for your own internship experience. 

Log in with your UNET ID, then click on “Search Internship Reviews” and start a basic or an advanced search. You’ll be able to search by Major/Minor, location, organization and keywords.  Hiatt suggests searching multiple fields and industries.  For example, if searching for something in "Education," also search "Nonprofit."

To review an internship

Entering a review about your past internship experience only takes five minutes.  Once approved by the database administrator, the experience will be viewable to other students.  

Log in using your UNET ID and then click, “Write a Review.”  Fill in the information about you and your internship experience.  If you don’t finish, you can save it as a draft and come back later.  If you’re ready to submit, click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen (you cannot make additional edits after submission).  It’s that easy!

To review an internship that spans multiple semesters

If your internship spans multiple semesters, you can review each separate experience by  creating a review for one semester and then building off that review for the second semester.  Simply find the original review and click “Add to an Existing Review.”

Please note: Upon submitting an internship review, all data is queued so that it can be reviewed for appropriate content. While we value honest internship reviews, we draw the line at profanity and other content deemed inappropriate or irrelevant for an internship review. Therefore, the University and the System Administrators reserve the right to omit or delete records that contain inappropriate language.

Brandeis Internship Exchange Users

Only those with a Brandeis UNET ID (e.g. Brandeis students, faculty and staff) will have access to the Brandeis Internship Exchange.  All reviews are anonymous to users; your name, your contact information, and your supervisor’s information will not be displayed for anyone to see. Only the system administrator will have access to this information, but it will never be shared.

Next Steps

To pursue an internship of interest

Visit the website of the organization of interest to see if they have any open internships.  You can also be proactive by reaching out to the organization of interest to inquire about potential/upcoming opportunities.  We encourage you to meet with a career counselor at Hiatt to help you create the best resume, cover letter, and/or introductory email to maximize your chances of a response.  Hiatt staff may have some insight into the organization and can advise you as you create your application materials.

Additionally, join the Hiatt Career Center Networking Group on LinkedIn to see if group members have connections at your organization of interest. 

To continue my internship search

Hiatt has many resources to use in conjunction with the Brandeis Internship Exchange to help you find an internship.  Check out thousands of current internship listings in B.hired or take advantage of other online resources in the Internship Search section.  

To connect with others with similar internship experiences

The exchange of information about internships doesn't stop here.  Considering adding your internship experience to your LinkedIn profile. Also, join the Hiatt Career Center Networking Group on LinkedIn to connect with Brandeis students, alumni, and friends about internship experiences and opportunities.  Please note: Students must complete Hiatt’s networking requirements to gain group access.