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International Students: If you are an international student on a student visa (F-1, J-1), please consult with the Brandeis International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) immediately so that an ISSO Advisor can assist you in securing the necessary visa authorization, if eligible, to pursue an internship opportunity.  Processing can take, on average, two weeks to process and must be completed in advance of beginning an internship experience.  Feel free to contact the ISSO by phone (isso@brandeis.edu) or by phone (781-736-3480) if you have any questions.

Transcript Notation & Internship Courses

Internships allow students to apply the liberal arts skills of research, writing and analysis in work-world situations, thereby enhancing the development of these skills.  Currently matriculating Brandeis undergraduates have the opportunity to have an internship noted on their transcript through the Transcript Notation Program.

A credit-bearing internship has a significant faculty-guided academic component, which provides a valuable learning experience for the undergraduate and makes a meaningful contribution to the student's program of study. It should require use of research, writing and/or analytical skills and include a specific project to be accomplished in the designated time period.

Brandeis awards academic credit for the completion of an internship in conjunction with a faculty-led internship course. Brandeis offers three different forms of credit-bearing internship courses and course offerings vary by academic program and semester.

  • Internship Seminars (89), which include weekly meetings as a class, are offered by departments/programs under the course number 89.
  • Independent Internship & Analysis courses (92), which are individually arranged by a single student and instructor, are offered under the course number 92.
  • Research-based internship courses (93), which are individually arranged by a single student and instructor around a research project, are offered with the course number 93 and the course title Research Internship.

All internship courses are subject to the normal enrollment deadlines; specific directions for registering can be found on the Schedule of Classes each semester. Participation is normally limited to juniors and seniors. International students wishing to complete internships must enroll in an internship course, meet visa requirements and obtain approval from the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) for all internships.

INT 89a,b and INT 92g

INT 89a,b (fall,spring) and INT 92g (summer) are available in addition to the Brandeis internship course offerings related to specific academic areas. INT 89a,b and INT 92g allow students from any discipline to enroll, giving all students the opportunity to combine instructor-guided academic assignments and intentional reflections with a related, concurrent internship while developing their academic, personal, and career development goals.

Once an approved internship is identified, students enroll in INT 89a,b in the fall or spring or INT 92g in the summer with instructor's permission. Students whose major or minor offers an internship option should first seek to enroll in those courses instead.

INT 92g

INT 92g is an undergraduate 1-credit course offered in the summer that allows students to receive Brandeis credit for a summer internship through additional academic coursework. For international students, enrolling in INT 92g provides academic credit for an internship in their Major area of study during the summer.

Students interested in this option should obtain an offer letter from your internship organization, including details of your internship duties, dates and supervision. Students then submit the online Learning Agreement. Once the internship is approved for the course, you will receive an consent code to enroll yourself through self-service in Sage during the normal summer registration period to enroll in INT 92g. International Students must work with The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) to apply for proper visa clearance before beginning the internship.

An appropriate internship must include site work that is:

  • a minimum of 100 hours and
  • at least 5 weeks during the summer.

Students must complete the required LATTE online academic requirements by the due date and arrange for their internship supervisor evaluation to be received by the instructor prior to the stated deadline in the syllabus.

Students may earn one (1) hour of elective credit for each summer INT 92g internship completed.

  • The credit may be applied as general credit toward graduation but will not count toward fulfillment of major requirements.
  • The maximum number of Internship credit hours a student may receive towards their undergraduate requirements (including fall, spring, and summer internships) is eight (8) credits in total. Any internship obtained that would put over the credit limit cannot be earned for credit.
  • No retroactive credit will be granted.

Brandeis international students must also receive CPT clearance before beginning the internship. International students wishing to withdraw from INT 92g must obtain prior approval from ISSO before terminating the internship. Not doing so could cause a violation of your visa status.

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-Suggested Timeline


In most cases, you will take an academic course and pursue an internship within the same semester.  However, some programs will allow you to complete an internship in the summer and take the subsequent class the following fall.  ENVS 89a and LGLS 89a no not allow students to earn credit retroactively.  Always check with each faculty members in advance.

Here is a suggested timeline for securing an internship, beginning the position, and enrolling in an internship course.

Internship Semester Faculty Approval Deadline
(prior to internship)
Course Pre-registration/
Open Registration
Fall March April/September
Spring October November/January
Summer Break February April 1/Mid-March
-Retroactive Credit
Retroactive Credit

Academic internship credit cannot be approved retroactively for any experience without prior faculty approval of the internship placement.  Faculty must know about and approve of your internship for the internship course before you begin the internship experience.