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INT 92g 1-credit Summer School Internship Course

Enrollment opens mid-April, 2013th

Tentative Course dates:  May 27-August 12th, 2013 (However, you begin the online coursework on your first day of your internship)

Course Description

Summer INT 92g is an online, undergraduate, credit-bearing course that combines a summer internship experience with reflective, summer school faculty-reviewed academic assignments. 

This course provides you with one (1) credit hour of elective academic credit through  the Rabb Summer School (in conjunction with the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences).

INT92g is open to all majors.  

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INT 92G 1-Credit Internship Course Enrollment & Information

Why Enroll in INT 92G?

INT 92g is ideal for students who:

  • Have secured an internship with an employer that requires students to receive credit for their internships.
  • Are international and, because of visa requirements, must receive credit for an internship in their major area.
*A Note About Virtual Internships:
Internships are both training and learning experiences.  "Virtual internships", ones that have students work remotely, must provide students access to a physical host site and a live supervisor, in person, for a reasonable amount of time during the internship, including for internship orientation and training.  


If a virtual internship is set up, here are some components which should be in place:

1)      A clear, detailed position description which covers all expectations and which outlines what will constitute a "successful" internship

2)      Some type of online project management tool ‐ Office 365, Google Docs, or a similar program.  This will allow the supervisor to go online and monitor the work which is supposed to be completed.  The work is stored in the "cloud" (not on a single PC) so it is always available to those who need it to work on or review.

3)      A daily email report where the student provides information such as hours worked, challenges or problems encountered, results obtained, and any questions they may have.

4)      A weekly virtual meeting on Skype, Gmail videochat or some similar technology.  This meeting may be used to affirm the student, correct any issues, and to catch up personally. This face‐to‐face meeting is a time for project planning, review of progress made, feedback, etc.

Credit Guidelines & Information

Credit Guidelines & Information

  1. Students may earn one (1) hour of elective credit for each summer INT 92g internship completed. The credit may be applied as general credit toward graduation but will not count toward fulfillment of major requirements. The maximum number of internship-credit hours a student may place on his/her undergraduate transcript (through fall, spring, and summer terms as specified in the Brandeis University Bulletin) is eight (8) in total.
  2. Brandeis students wanting to enroll in more than 8 credits of academic internships must petition to do so from the Registrar.
  3. Students may only receive credit for any INT 92g internship experience once.  Hence, students may not perform 100 hours at an internship site during the summer, receive 1-Credit for an INT 92g and then use that same 100-hour internship experience to receive credit in an 89 or 92a/b internship course.
  4. Any student wishing to withdraw from INT 92g MUST obtain prior approval from the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences before terminating the internship.  International students wishing to withdraw from INT 92g MUST obtain prior approval from the ISSO BEFORE terminating the internship. Not doing so could cause a violation of your visa status and have serious consequences.
  5. Students should transfer the 1-credit from their summer school transcript to their regular transcript through the Registrar’s Office.
For More Information
For more information on the INT 92g 1-credit course contact Daniel Langenthal, Director of Experiential Learning and Teaching.