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Reduce Electricity Use on Peak-Demand Days

Despite warmer temperatures during the summer of 2016, Brandeis once again reduced our peak demand to the same level as 2015. This means that the collective effort of our Turn It Off campaign resulted in a 20 percent decrease in our peak electric demand over 2014 for the second year in a row.

The Turn It Off campaign demonstrates that individual conservation actions do add up to meaningful results​​. ​​Since the university’s year-round electricity rates are partially based on our demand during summer’s hottest days, the success of our campaigns will result in significant savings in our electric bill in FY17 and beyond.

Reducing electricity use during peak times results in environmental gains as well as financial savings. In New England, electricity demand during very hot days necessitates the operation of older, oil- and coal-fired power plants, leading to an increase in air pollution and some of the most carbon-intense ​​days for the electric grid.

To make our conservation program a success, we need the help of every member of the Brandeis community. On the days that are predicted to be the summer’s hottest — we anticipate there will be two to six of these days each year — we will ask you to “Turn It Off”:

  • Turn off unnecessary lights in offices, classrooms, laboratories and hallways — this simple action will have the most impact!
  • Shut windows and exterior doors.
  • Pull down shades and close blinds.
  • Shut off unnecessary computers, printers and other energy-consuming equipment.
  • Refrain from charging portable devices.
  • Unplug everything you can from wall outlets, even if the device is shut off.
  • Be tolerant of higher temperatures across the entire campus as we raise building temperatures a bit between 1 to 6 p.m. (The temperature inside particularly temperature-sensitive areas will not be raised.)

Please look for an email alert and signage in your building that announces a “Turn It Off” day. This is your signal to take steps that are good for the earth and good for Brandeis.

And remember: Before you go on vacation this summer, take as many of the energy-saving steps as you can proactively, in case a “Turn It Off” day is declared while you’re away.

Of course, saving energy is not important only on “peak” days; it is important every day of the year.

Thanks in advance for doing your part.

If you have any questions about the Turn It Off program, please contact E​xecutive Director of Facilities​ Services​ Bob Avalle.​ As always, to report any issue with building operation, contact Facilities Services at x6-4385 or via an online work order request. ​

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