Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund

The Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund supports a Brandeis student's research or creative scholarship during the summer or academic semester.

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Applications are due by Wednesday, March  13, 2024 at 6 PM ET. 

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To apply for a Provost's Research Fellowship or grant, applicants must be current a Brandeis undergraduate who will be an enrolled undergraduate during the award period. Each student must have a Brandeis faculty mentor who will oversee their research project. The program supports projects in all disciplines, including all areas of the creative arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and interdisciplinary projects.

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Students who have questions about these awards can contact Margaret Lynch, director of Undergraduate-Faculty Research Partnerships.

Digging Up History: Alex Bazarsky '23

Alex digging

For many college students, an ideal trip to Mexico means kicking back on a beach, digging their toes in the sand. For Alex Bazarsky ’23, a double major in anthropology and Latin American studies with a minor in art history, it meant digging up history deep in a remote forest.

In the summer of 2020, Bazarsky participated in a virtual archeology internship under the mentorship of professor Charles Golden, developing skills in lidar, a remote sensor technology that can create a nearly complete picture of ruins otherwise hidden to the naked eye.

After two years of research, Golden asked Bazarsky to join his team in Chiapas, Mexico, excavating in-person. Her two summers of research were funded through the Provost's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Read more in BrandeisNow!

Types of Awards

Congratulations to the Summer 2023 Provost Undergraduate Research Fellows!

Floriesha Bastien '24
  • Majors: Sociology and Race, Media and Communication

  • Title: "Construction of Race at Brandeis University"

  • Faculty mentor: Wendy Cadge 

Catie Lee Bellone '24
  • Major: Biology

  • Title: " Various Dietary Fibers’ Impact on Blood Glucose in Humans"

  • Faculty mentor: Dr. KC Hayes

Salma Bensalim '24
  • Majors: Independent Interdisciplinary Major (Visual communication, marketing and cultural industries)
  • Title: "Dualité"
  • Faculty mentor:  Hernadi Ambrus
Petra Dujmic '24
  • Majors: Neuroscience, Biology 
  • Title: "The Role of Glial-Neuronal Communication in the Regulation of Sympathetic Fiber Growth to the Heart"
  • Faculty mentor: Dr. Susan Birren
Maya Katz '25
  • Major: Neuroscience, Biology 

  • Title: "Uncovering the molecular mechanisms that control context-dependent plasticity in olfactory behavior"

  • Faculty mentor: Piali Sengupta

Norah Khadraoui '24
  • Majors: Sociology
  • Title: "Aging out of Sympathy: Asylum, SIJ, and The “Worthy” Immigrant"
  • Faculty mentor: Gowri Vijayakumar
Emmanuel Kwigenga '24
  • Major: IGS
  • Title: "Refugee Education pathways for Universities"
  • Faculty mentor: Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso
Luna Li '24
  • Majors: Psychology 
  • Title: "The Role of Anxiety in Voice Prosody and Cognitive Decline in Later Life"
  • Faculty mentor: Margie Lachman
Sara Motoyama '24
  • Majors: Psychology
  • Title: "Machine Learning Methods for Scoring Telephone Assessments of Reaction Time "
  • Faculty mentor: Margie Lachman
Logan Shanks '24
  • Major: African & African American Studies, English, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Title: "Playing in Excess: Black Female Aesthetics and Interiority"
  • Faculty mentor: Shoniqua Roach
Kiwa Shinoda '25
  • Majors: Sociology, Environmental Studies 
  • Title: "Defining Environmental Justice Communities: The Impact of Political Designations on Local Climate Action"
  • Faculty mentor: Sarah Mayorga
Megan Tan '25
  • Major: FTIM, Creative Writing
  • Title: "Designing Broadsides: Exploring the intersection, Cohesion, and Dynamic Relationship Between Poetry and Multimedia Art"
  • Faculty mentor: Elizabeth Bradfield
Lauryn Williams '25
  • Major: Communications and Public Policy
  • Title: "The Art of Becoming: How Black women have defined the fashion industry"
  • Faculty mentor: Anya Wallace
Yijia Yu '24
  • Majors: Anthropology and Theater 
  • Title: "Zero-COVID Nation: The Untold Stories and Collective Memories from Shanghai COVID Lockdown "
  • Faculty mentor:  Elanah Uretsky
Jiayi Zhang '24
  • Majors: International and Global Studies, Psychology, Philosophy 
  • Title: "The Stories We Tell Ourselves: National Narrative, Political Legitimacy, and Individual Consciousness in post-Mao China"
  • Faculty mentor:  Chandler Rosenberger