Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund

The Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund supports a Brandeis student's research or creative scholarship during the summer or academic semester.

To apply for a Provost's Research Fellowship or grant, applicants must be current a Brandeis undergraduate who will be an enrolled undergraduate during the award period. Each student must have a Brandeis faculty mentor who will oversee their research project.  The program supports projects in all disciplines, including all areas of the creative arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and interdisciplinary projects. Please note that you first must login to your Brandeis Gmail to gain access to the application forms below. Previous recipients are listed on our Recent Awards page.

Students who have questions about these awards can contact Margaret Lynch, Director of Undergraduate-Faculty Research Partnerships.

Digging Up History: Alex Bazarsky '23

Alex digging

For many college students, an ideal trip to Mexico means kicking back on a beach, digging their toes in the sand. For Alex Bazarsky ’23, a double major in anthropology and Latin American studies with a minor in art history, it meant digging up history deep in a remote forest.

In the summer of 2020, Bazarsky participated in a virtual archeology internship under the mentorship of professor Charles Golden, developing skills in lidar, a remote sensor technology that can create a nearly complete picture of ruins otherwise hidden to the naked eye.

After two years of research, Golden asked Bazarsky to join his team in Chiapas, Mexico, excavating in-person. Her two summers of research were funded through the Provost's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Read more in BrandeisNow!

Types of Awards

Congratulations to the Summer 2022 Provost Undergraduate Research Fellows!

Alex Bazarsky ’23

Majors: Anthropology; Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies

Title: Excavation and Ground Verification of Lacanjá Tzeltal Post-LiDAR Analysis

Faculty Mentor: Charles Golden

Jillian Brosofsky ’23

Major: Psychology

Title: A Holocaust Survivor's Surprise Family, and What It Tells Us About the Future of Kin

Faculty Mentor: Neil Swidey

Sungwon Cho ’23

Majors: Biology; Chemical Biology

Title: Applications of azobenzene: Visible light-activated self-assembly of DNA duplexes and nanoporous solid-solid phase change materials for thermal energy storage

Faculty Mentor: Grace Han

Elinor Eggers ’23

Majors: Education Studies; African and African American Studies

Title: Justice or Just Us: What Racial Justice Means to Brandeisians

Faculty Mentor: Derron Wallace

Kyla-Yen Giffin ’23

Major: Anthropology

Title: Lucid: A Vietnamese-American Family Dreaming in the Diaspora

Faculty Mentor: Howie Tam

Claire Hou ’23

Majors: English; Sociology

Title: Asian- American Visual Media History and Chinese- American Female Creators on TikTok

Faculty Mentor: Dorothy Kim

MJ Ibrahim ’23

Major: Health: Science, Society, and Policy

Title: How Does Being Undocumented Affect One's Experience in Higher Education

Faculty Mentor: Kristen Lucken

Zoe Lacroix ’23

Majors: Health: Science, Society, and Policy; Sociocultural Anthropology

Title: Perspectives on Discrimination through Art

Faculty Mentor: Patricia Alvarez Astacio

Christopher Li ’23

Majors: East Asian Studies; History; International and Global Studies

Title: Slurp! From Working Meal to National Symbol – An Analysis of Post WWII Ramen Through Japanese Literature and Movie

Faculty Mentor: Amy Singer

Eric Liu ’24

Major: International and Global Studies

Title: The Return of Ideology: Wang Huning and China's New "Cultural Confidence"

Faculty Mentor: Professor Chandler Rosenberger

Frank Liu ’23

Majors: Computer Science; Applied Mathematics

Title: Curriculum and Causal GCL Brings More Robustness to Out-of-Distribution Graphs

Faculty Mentor: Chuxu Zhang

Julia Plaisted ’23

Major: Anthropology; Environmental Studies

Title: Analysis of Pipe Artifacts from Croatoan Archeological Site

Faculty Mentor: Charlotte Goudge

Sasha Soboleva ’23

Major: Linguistics

Title: Language Ideology and Identity of Teenagers In Cusco: How Quechua and Spanish Languages Coexist In The Classroom Environment

Faculty Mentor: Patricia Alvarez Astacio

Grace Wang ’23

Majors: Psychology; Neuroscience

Title: The Effect of TikTok on College Students' Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Faculty Mentor: Ellen Wright