Sophomore Year Opportunities

Sophomore year is a great time to investigate fellowship opportunities. In this second year of university coursework, you are discovering more about your own academic interests as well as how different fields of study interact with each other. Keep exploring in your coursework. And remain open to discovering some unexpected academic interests all the way through your years as a student.

Sophomores are ready to take full advantage of the internal funding opportunities such as the Schiff Fellowship and the Undergraduate Research Program. Be sure to attend one of the fellowship information sessions that run throughout the year so you know how to get started, as well as what your application should communicate to a fellowship committee. You can also begin planning for (and in some cases, applying for) some of the national fellowships such as the Goldwater, the Truman and the Fulbright.

Continue to build your network of advisers as you go through sophomore year. Sophomores need good support as you lay the plans for the second half of your undergraduate experience. And, of course, getting to know your faculty remains truly important as you advance through the semesters. These relationships just might pave the way to research and other academic opportunities.