Academic Support

Students and staff working together at a whiteboard

The MKTYP is first and foremost a program of people. The staff, faculty, alumni, supporters, families, and students all have a wealth of experiences that enriches not only the program but also the university. Our comprehensive advising includes the director, senior department coordinator, MKTYP fellows, instructors, teaching assistants, peer mentors, and MKTYP alumni are all willing to share their incredible wisdom and insight to our first-year students. We are all partners together and contributing to the work of the MKTYP, Academic Services, and the university.

You should also consult with the MKTYP staff/faculty about resources available for assistance through the Brandeis' Library, English Language Programs, the Writing Center, and the Brandeis University Group Study (BUGS) peer tutoring service.

Course Progress

Beyond seeking guidance and support with your coursework, another key to success is monitoring your progress in your courses. The Google suite, LATTE, and sage are useful tools and instructors communicate, post assignments, and submit grades here.

Campus Community

Also, the entire Brandeis Community, such as Pre-Orientation Leaders, Community Advisors, Roosevelt Fellows, Departmental Reps (UDRs), faculty, staff and administrators, work to actively support the success of students in the MKTYP.