Global Engagement

What are the roots of injustice? How do we heal a world that is more connected, yet more divided than ever?

The global engagement component of the Brandeis Core explores social, political, cultural and linguistic diversity in the United States and the world by focusing on three thematic areas listed below.

How to fulfill the global engagement requirements

Learning Goals

  • Analyze the historical and contemporary relationships between and within societies, institutions, regions and peoples in English-speaking North America and in the world at large.
  • Understand dynamics of social difference, including power, privilege, prejudice, discrimination, inequality, injustice, identities and political and environmental changes.
  • Understand the histories, cultures, expressions and experiences of historically marginalized peoples in the U.S. and the world.
  • Explore linguistic and cultural competence beyond one's own culture.

2023-24 Faculty Committees

DEIS-US and DJW Committee

Name Department
Javier Urcid, Chair Anthropology
Jennifer Cleary Theater Arts
Prakash Kashwan Environmental Studies
Dorothy Kim English
Jeffrey Lenowitz Politics

World Languages and Culture Committee

Name Language / Culture
Hollie Harder, Co-Chair French
Xiwen Lu, Co-Chair Chinese
Kathrin Breuer German
Alisha Cardwell Study Abroad
Irina Dubinina Russian
Hisae Fujiwara Japanese
Caitlin Gillespie Greek, Latin
Elena Gonzalez Ros Spanish
Sara Hascal Hebrew
Ellen Kellman Yiddish
Hanan Khashaba Arabic
Eun-Jo Lee Korean
Vinodini Murugesan English
Paola Servino Italian
Jian Wei Chinese