School of Arts and Sciences

Research Partnerships with Undergraduate Students

At Brandeis, the Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations Office helps undergraduate students find topics, mentors and funding for an original research or creative project in close collaboration with leading faculty and researchers.

Across the School of Arts & Sciences, Brandeis undergraduates collaborate with faculty to investigate subjects ranging from quasars to American media. Facilitated by the URCC and with support from the Davis Foundation, Brandeis continues to cultivate a distinctive culture of mentorship, enabling all undergraduates to pursue research opportunities in the creative arts, humanities and social sciences, and sciences.

URCC Highlights

ForagerOne Online Collaboration Platform: Through ForagerOne, faculty can build their research teams by reviewing and responding to the undergraduates messages and applications they receive on the platform, as well as find and connect with other faculty for collaborative opportunities. Undergraduates can use the ForagerOne platform to find faculty mentors, research funding, and paid research assistant jobs at Brandeis.

URCC Spring Symposium: Held at the end of each Spring semester, the URCC Spring Symposium provides a unique opportunity for all Brandeis undergraduates to present and share their innovative research and creative projects with Brandeis students, faculty, staff, friends, and supporters. Students from all class years and all Divisions (Creative Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences) are encouraged to participate.