Contract Management

Contract Management, a department within Procurement and Business Services, oversees the review and execution of all non-research agreements and/or contracts, including independent consultant agreements (pdf), hotel agreements and other financial documents requiring a signature by a university official.

The first step is to complete the contract approval form (pdf) and email that and all related documentation to Procurement Services. We require contracts be emailed as a PDF attachment and do not accept contracts sent via DocuSign. Allow up to two weeks for completion, depending on the complexity and risk associated with the contract submitted.

Procurement Services will engage the offices of General Counsel, Information Technology Services, Communications, Risk Management and other relevant departments as part of the review process for appropriate approvals. When ready, contracts will be signed by the chief financial officer and returned to the department via email.

Once fully executed, a copy of the agreement and/or contract must be returned to Procurement and Business Services, which will assist with next steps, such as creating a purchase order, if applicable.

Sponsored research agreements are and will continue to be reviewed and signed by the Office of Research Administration.

Note: Per Brandeis University bylaws, only select individuals are authorized to bind and execute agreements and contracts on behalf of the university. Brandeis is not obligated to honor business-related documents signed by any other employee.