The Care Team

Top 10 Care Practices

We are all caring for Brandeis students, whether they are on-campus or off-campus. The Top 10 Care Practices offer guidance to students, faculty and staff.

  1. Emergency/imminent safety threat (e.g., active self-harm, community danger): On-campus Brandeis Police — 781-736-3333; off-campus 911
  2. Mental health: Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC) — 781-736-3730 (24/7 consultation service available)
  3. Physical health: Health Center Business hours — 781-736-3677; After-hours urgent consultation — 781-239-1948
  4. Distress concerns that can wait 1 business day (erratic or disruptive behavior; concerning changes in sleep, appetite, sleep, mood, hygiene, relationships, or thinking; personal or emotional issue): Submit an I Care Form or 781-736-3098
  5. Academic issues: Academic Services — 781-736-3470 for undergraduates; Office of Graduate Affairs  — 781-736-3547 for graduate students
  6. Roommate conflicts, adjustment to campus life: Department of Community Living during business hours — 781-736-5060; for urgent matters after hours, please call 781-736-5000. Brandeis Police will contact an Area Coordinator on-call
  7. Spiritual dialogue and religious connection: Center for Spiritual Life — 781-736-3570
  8. Decrease in engagement (e.g. class, club, regular activity.): Suggestion is to outreach and ask for a reply within two business days. If no reply, try again and include if no reply may need to engage other options to ensure well-being. If still no reply, consider others to assist such as other faculty, staff, peers, and/or submit an I Care Form
  9. Financial Concern: 781-736-3700 or; Emergency Funding
  10. Be kind to yourself. You are not alone. Check out these additional resources:

Still not sure what to? Talk with someone. Your academic or International Students and Scholars Office advisor, manager, coach, faculty, dean, community advisor or area coordinator, etc., may help you figure out the next step.