Office of Student Financial Services

Brandeis Emergency Fund

The Brandeis Emergency Fund is available to currently active undergraduate and graduate students experiencing some kind of unexpected financial emergency, typically affecting their ability to complete their studies, when other resources are not available.

Students who have not yet begun their studies, who are in a period of nonenrollment (e.g., summer term), or who have withdrawn, graduated, or are currently on leave, are usually not eligible for funds. Brandeis is very fortunate to be one of the few universities in the country that is able to offer institutional emergency funds to its students.

With a maximum of $200,000 per year, the Fund focuses its limited resources on students with high/medium demonstrated financial need (students with an EFC of approximately $35,000 or below, as determined by a financial aid application) who are experiencing unexpected financial emergencies for which no other funds are available (students are expected to apply for, and utilize, all other sources of funding before receiving emergency funds, including, if applicable, federal loan funds). Students with medium, low or no demonstrated financial need rarely receive funds. The maximum amount of funds a student can receive in an academic year is $1,500 (this amount may be pro-rated if the student is attending for less than a full academic year or reduced if funding becomes limited).

How to Apply