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Germany’s National Discrimination and Racism Monitor

About the Event

Four hands of different colored skin holding on togetherSupported with funds from the German Federal Parliament, the goal of the National Discrimination and Racism Monitor (NaDiRa) at DeZIM-Institut in Berlin is to research the causes, extent, and consequences of racism in Germany. In 2021, an interdisciplinary group of researchers began to investigate racism in Germany with the help of different quantitative, qualitative, and experimental methodologies. The monitor’s work includes regular representative surveys of the German population as well as analyses of the organizational culture of institutions to study structural racism, and studies of specific social groups and is accompanied by a body of representatives from groups that experience racism. With its highly interdisciplinary team and methodologies, it represents a unique institution in Germany.

About the Speaker

Headshot of speaker Cihan Sinanoğlu with a soft smile

Social Scientist Dr. Cihan Sinanoğlu has been leading the National Discrimination- and Racism Monitor (NaDiRa) at DeZIM-Institut  since October 2020. From 2017-20, he led the Accompanying Committee of the Federal Conference of Organizations of Migrants, which published the Anti-Racism Agenda 2025 in September 2020, which includes concrete recommendations for the fight against right-wing extremism and racism. Dr. Cihan Sinanoğlu received his doctorate at the Max-Planck-Institut for Research into multi-religious and multi-ethnic societies in Göttingen. He has worked at City University of New York and at Eberhard-Karls-Universität in Tübingen.

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