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'Kristallnacht' Commemoration and Conversation with Survivor Doris Edwards

 About the Event

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As a child, Doris Edwards escaped Nazi-occupied Europe with her brother. Although they were separated from their parents for two years and three months, their parents got out alive and borrowed money to bring the children to New York in 1941, before the United States formally entered World War II.

Join us while Doris Edwards tells the story of how she and her brother escaped and reunited with their parents in New York. The evening will also include candle lighting.

About the Speaker

Picture of Doris on a bench with a golden retriever next to herBorn in southern Germany in 1929, as a young girl, Doris Edwards witnessed the rise of the Nazi party. She and her older brother were evacuated to the Netherlands through the Kindertransport rescue program, while her parents fled to the United States. Her grandmother, along with her aunt and cousins, were murdered in Nazi "concentration camps". After a dangerous journey through Europe, Ms. Edwards and her brother reunited with their parents in New York City.