Life After College

Jack Yuanwei Cheng ‘23 poses for a photo in his graduation regalia with the Louis Brandeis statue at Brandeis University on May 16, 2023. Photo/Dan HolmesThere are some skills that you may not learn in the classroom that are essential as an adult in post-Brandeis life. Finding a place to live, setting a budget, balancing student loans and just navigating the transition can feel like a brand new venture. The resources below will give soon-to-be and recent graduates the tools they need to plan and prepare for "adult" life beyond Brandeis.


While everyone has different financial situations, it's important to be financially literate and responsible. Whether you're on top of it all or just getting started, here are some ways to manage your money:

Job Search + Salary

You've graduated and the time has come to get a "real job." Part of adulting is being able to support yourself while growing as a professional. Though you may experience many different roles and positions throughout your career, they all start the same - with the search. For an in-depth overview of the job search process, start here.


When you are in the middle of weighing a job offer, you will also be introduced to benefits. They can include health and dental insurance, time-off, retirement savings and other perks. Reviewing all of the items can be a bit overwhelming so you'll want to take the time to fully read and understand what is presented to you. 


You're moving off campus, out of your parents' house or you're breaking ties with your roommates - whatever your new living situation looks like, there are some important steps to consider before you sign on the dotted line of your new "home sweet home."