Talent Advancement Program (TAP)

Introducing Brandeis’ Talent Advancement Program (TAP) for Staff

We are pleased to announce the new Brandeis’ Talent Advancement Program (TAP). This is a positive step forward in our commitment to foster a culture of engagement and to support staff professional development and career growth at Brandeis. At the core of TAP will be a robust, continuous and collaborative performance management process between staff and managers with a focus on frequent and ongoing development conversations, supported by a mid-year and annual review.

In the past, performance management for staff was administered manually and the process was not widely adopted or applied consistently across departments/schools. With TAP, this process will be automated and streamlined to create a standardized and consistent process for continuous dialogues to support our mission to attract, retain and develop our staff.

Phase Rollout Schedule

TAP will be implemented in multiple phases, so that you can have sufficient time to learn about the new process:

Phase 1 Process Timeline

Project Communications and General Support Resources

Project Training Curriculum and Schedule

Manager Training Resources

Staff Training Resources

Useful Articles for Managers

Useful Articles for Staff

Other Resources

Questions about TAP

If you have any questions about TAP, please feel free to contact your HR business partners or Talent Development team listed below. Additionally, you can send a request or question to help@brandeis.edu.