Massachusetts Parental Leave Act

Eligible new parents may take up to eight weeks of unpaid leave for the birth of a child or the adoption of a child under the age of 18 (or a child under the age of 23 if the child is mentally or physically disabled).


This policy applies to faculty and staff who have been employed for at least three consecutive months in a benefits-eligible position if they provide the university with at least two weeks’ notice of the need for leave.


Consistent with the provisions of the Massachusetts Parental Leave Act, eligible employees may request up to eight weeks unpaid leave per child, e.g., 16 weeks for twins. If both parents work for the university, only a total of eight weeks’ unpaid leave shall be granted per child.

Leaves under this policy will run concurrently with leave under the Family Medical Leave Act for an employee who is eligible for FMLA leave. Employees who are eligible for paid parental leave under the university’s family and medical leave policy for staff or family and medical leave policy for faculty should refer to these policies for more information.

Requests for parental leave must be made in writing to the Office of Human Resources at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the leave, or as soon as possible if the delay is for reasons beyond the employee’s control. The anticipated duration of leave must be stated in the request.

Employees will be required to provide documentation to support the need for leave.