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Flyer for "Dignity, Abjection, and Hospitality: Some Epic and Dramatic" Passages with Dr. Rankine
Dr. Patrice Rankine, "Dignity, Abjection, and Hospitality: Some Epic and Dramatic Passages"

April 29, 2021

Via Zoom on Thursday, April 29th at 4:00 PM EST. Please reach out to or David DeVore ( with any questions about the event or on how to attend.
Grants and Research Funding for Scholars and Students
research funding grants

Curious about how to fund your research as a scholar? Confused about what grants are and how to get them? Not sure where to start looking for funding? Come join our panel discussion about grants and research funding for scholars and students! 

Hosted by the Department of Classical Studies, Dr. Alexandra Ratzlaff will be joined by Brandeis' own Judy Appel, Meredith Monaghan, and Lisa Zeidenberg for an open discussion about grants and funding for graduate and undergraduate students. The discussion will be held via Zoom on Thursday, March 4th at 3:30 PM, please find the Zoom link below.

Link to Zoom:
Please reach out to David DeVore at or with any questions or curiosities about the event. 
PASSION AND FURY IN THE GHETTO Crossings of Cultures in Jewish Venice
ghetto venie sicure

A Zoom lecture with Professor Shaul Bassi
Associate Professor of English Literature
Ca' Foscari University in Venice, Italy
Director, Beit Venezia - A Home for Jewish Culture

March 3, 2021
4:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
The lecture will be in English
Open to everyone who registers:

Co-sponsored by the Zoom Guest Lecture Series of the Mandel Center for the Humanities and the Interdepartmental Program in Italian Studies


Athenian immigration and race

The Classics department is excited to continue our 2020-2021 Virtual Speaker Series this Spring! We are pleased to start the semester by welcoming Dr. Rebecca Futo Kennedy, Denison University, for her talk "Athenian Immigration and Race."The talk will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, February 23rd at 4:00 PM EST. Please find the link and passcode below. Link to Zoom:  


September 17, 2020

The Brandeis Justice Initiative aims to facilitate engagement, learning, and reflection about liberal education for people impacted by, or vulnerable to, incarceration. The BJI is hard at work identifying ways that Brandeis folks can tutor, mentor, and teach in ways that make a meaningful and sustainable contribution to people within or in the shadow of the criminal justice system. 

There are a variety of ways that all members of the Brandeis community can be involved, and are invited to attend an introductory event:

Thursday, September 17th at 2 pm
We'll discuss who we are, what we do, and WHAT YOU CAN DO!

Interested to learn more? Fill out a brief form on their website.
Also, check out the interview with Professor John Plotz (English); Professor David R. Sherman (English), and Professor Rosalind E. W. Kabrhel (Legal Studies) in volume 4 of MUSE!


Mega Language Lunch

November 19, 2019

The World Languages and Cultures Committee with generous support from the  Division of Humanities, the Provost and the Dean of Arts and Sciences, invited all members of the Brandeis Community (students, faculty, and staff) to experience and celebrate the linguistic diversity of Brandeis during the "I'm Global Week 2019."

The Mega Language Lunch featured individual language tables for speakers of the following languages - Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. No matter the level of proficiency, all were welcome! The only rule is NO ENGLISH! It was a great opportunity to celebrate and support language diversity at Brandeis.


October 29, 2019

a conversation with Edoardo AlbinatiEdoardo Albinati is a novelist and screenwriter who lives in Rome. His novel Svenimenti won the 2004 Viareggio Literary Award, and The Catholic School won the Strega Prize in 2016. For the last twenty-five years, he has worked as a teacher in Rebibbia, the largest prison in Rome.
Presented by The Italian Studies Program at Brandeis University and the Consulate General of Italy, cosponsored by the Mandel Center for the Humanities.


Natural Not Yet Understood: The Supernatural from Antiquity to the Medieval Period

April 13, 2019

Department of Classical Studies Graduate Student Conference

Keynote Speaker: Professor Debbie Felton, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Humans have always been drawn to the idea of creatures and worlds that exist alongside or outside of our own. These extraordinary ideas can take many forms, from average people with usual abilities to worlds of the dead and fantastic beasts. But as Elbert Hubbard once said, "The supernatural is the natural not yet understood." Today, we have realized that many of the past's supernatural events were simply misunderstood natural phenomena.”

April 12, 2019

Retirement Symposium for Bernadette Brooten

May 3, 2019

Honoring Professor Bernadette J. Brooten, Kraft-Hiatt Professor of Christian Studies and Founding Director of The Feminist Sexual Ethics Project at Brandeis.

Intertextuality and the Crisis of Form in the Deathbed Narratives of Masaoka Shiki

May 3, 2019

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Mewhinney.

April 16, 2019

Students hold their awards for the 2019 video competitionPresented by World Languages and Cultures Committee and Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

From left to right: Max Le Blanc, Olivia Spelman, Gavi Klein and Professor Paola Servino

Hollywood and the French Resistance: The Paramount Theater during the Nazi Occupation of Paris

April 16, 2019

Speaker: Ross Melnick

Co-sponsored by the International Global Studies Program, the Department of Romance Studies, and the American Studies Program at Brandeis University.

Publishing World Literature in the Age of Nationalism

April 15, 2019

Speaker: Meike G. Werner (Vanderbilt University)

Forgiveness: Eighth Annual Spring Mini-Conference

April 13, 2019

With Kathleen Moran, associate professor and chair of philosophy, Brandeis University; Jens Timmerman, professor of moral philosophy, University of St. Andrews, Scotland; Lucy Allais, professor of philosophy, University of the Witwatersand, Johannesburg, and the Henry Allison Chair of the History of Philosophy, UC San Diego; and Adrienne Martin, the Akshata Murty '02 and Rishi Sunak Associate Professor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Claremont McKenna College.

Latin American Jewish & Gender Studies

April 10, 2019

Words and Artifacts: Treasures of a Cuban-Jewish Exile
Speaker: Ruth Behar, Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan

Sponsored by HBI Project on Latin American Jewish and Gender Studies, the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, Brandeis Alumni Association, Brandeis International Business School, and Brandeis Latin American and Latino Studies Program.

Poetry Reading & Choreopoem Performance

April 8, 2019


  • Ashley-Rose, an award-winning Haitian-American educator, organizer, and poet from Boston

  • Melissa Alexia, a dance artist/educator, certified yoga teacher, and writer

Sponsored by Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation (CAST); co-sponsored by the Department of English.

Imperial Literature and Voices of Others: Ideological Visions of the Multiethnic Japanese Empire

April 5, 2019

Speaker: Mari Ishida

Sponsored by the East Asian Studies Program and Comparative Literature and Culture Program.

Equatorial Guinea, Literature, and Activisms in the Diaspora

March 27, 2019

A Talk by Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel.

Sponsored by the Ethics Center and co-sponsored by African and African American Studies Department, the English Department and Romance Studies Department.

Dror Keren, Actor, Playwright and Director

March 25, 2019

“What is Home?”

Sponsored by Center for German and European Studies (CGES), Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, Department of Theater Arts and the Hebrew Program.

The Eikonic Conception of Scientific Explanation

March 22, 2019

Speaker: Alisa N. Bokulich, professor of philosophy at Boston University.

Class Act III: Carnevale

March 20, 2019

Presented by the Italian Studies Program.

Udi Mokady, Chairman and CEO of CyberArc

March 18, 2019

Sponsored by the Hebrew Program.

From #metoo to the Sicilian Slave Revolts

March 13, 2019

Speaker: Prof. Dominic Machado, College of the Holy Cross.

Let's Dance! International Evening of Dance

March 10, 2019

deis IMPACT College - Critical Race Theory w/ Professor Patrick Sylvain

February 8, 2019

Jennifer Elise Foerster

February 6, 2019

Statistical Resentment

Speaker: David Enoch, the Rodney Blackman Chair in the Philosophy of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.