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Spring 2023

March 1, 2023

11:00am–12:15pm | online event, register here

For the past thirty years, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has seen hundreds and sometimes thousands of protests a year, yet it lacks a revolutionary movement aiming to overthrow the regime. How are we to understand protests under an authoritarian regime that seldom resorts to violent repression? What role do protests play in both challenging and reproducing state power? Why do protests emerge in particular locations and take the forms they do? In this Crown Seminar, Jillian Schwedler, in conversation with Daniel Neep, will explore the political effects of routine protests on state and society in Jordan, drawing from her new book, Protesting Jordan: Geographies of Power and Dissent (Stanford University Press, 2022).

Event cosponsored by Brandeis Crown Center for Middle East Studies, and Brandeis International and Global Studies program at Brandeis.

March 8, 2023

12 - 1:30 pm | Hybrid Event - registration details here

Imagine what it feels like to be silenced and invisible on the margins of society, and after enduring unthinkable traumas in places like Libya, Syria, and other unstable places in the world. That’s where Humanitarian Storytelling steps in.

In this awareness building lecture, hear how Humanitarian Storytelling at Migrants of the Mediterranean gives voice to people in the migrant community, originally in Italy, and now all across Europe, including Germany. Humanitarian Storytelling is about encounter, and creating change through compassion by learning about the impact of migration on the lives of those who are experiencing it through their own stories.

March 14, 2023

12-1:30pm | Hassenfeld Center- Lurias Room

Brandeis University's African and African American Studies Professor Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso and University of Texas at Austin Distingushed Teaching Professor Toyin Falola will discuss African Refugees utilizing their new book by the same name to faciliate the discussion. 

March 29, 2023

11:00am–12:15pm | online event, registration coming soon 

How has Russia's invasion of Ukraine impacted the situation in Syria? In the Syrian exile community of Germany, the accounts of Ukrainian cities besieged by Russian forces are tragically familiar. The bombardment of Mariupol, Kharviv and Kherson, seem like a repeat of the 2016 bombing of Aleppo. The tactics, and some of Russia’s soldiers and officers, had come directly from the war in Syria, which Moscow joined in 2015 to prop up President Bashar al Assad. The links between these conflicts, however, are not well understood by many international observers. Drawing on her decades of covering the Middle East as an international correspondent for NPR, Deborah Amos, in conversation with Wendy Pearlman, will examine how Syria was the prelude to Ukraine. Not only was the Syrian intervention the first military action outside the former Soviet Union but it also gave Russia a revived role in the Middle East and a path to assert Russian power globally.

Event cosponsored by Brandeis Crown Center for Middle East Studies, and Brandeis International and Global Studies program at Brandeis.