Format, Submission and Evaluation

Length and Format Requirements

A finished thesis will typically be 50-100 pages. Since IGS is an interdisciplinary program, there will be a fair amount of variation in form and length between student theses.

Because IGS is an interdisciplinary major, there is no specific format that theses are required to follow. Students should keep in mind, however, that the thesis is a work of scholarship, and therefore should be consistent and professional in its presentation. You may want to consult with your advisor about any preferences for disciplinary styles of citations and bibliography. Links to several citation style guides are available online.

Regardless of format used, all completed theses should have a cover page with the following information:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Senior Honors Thesis

  • International and Global Studies, Brandeis University

  • Date

Final Submission of Thesis

When you are finished, a copy of the thesis needs to be submitted to the program administrator.

Please fill out the Senior Honors Thesis Submission Form to submit your thesis to ScholarWorks. If you would like your thesis to be embargoed, please consult with your advisor before completing the form. ScholarWorks is Brandeis University’s portal for showcasing all types of scholarship, expertise, and activities by our community of scholars. ScholarWorks is the Open Access Institutional Repository.

Oral Defense

Once the written thesis is completed, students prepare for an oral defense. You should arrange the defense by finding a time, usually during the last week of classes but no later than finals week, when your entire committee can meet. You need to give your entire committee a completed copy of the thesis at least one week before the defense. The defense is meant to be a conversation between you and the examining committee about the thesis. Committee members may ask questions about your methods, sources, findings, argument, or other matters connected to the thesis. The defense usually lasts about an hour.

Determination of Honors

IGS awards three categories of distinction: Honors, High Honors and Highest Honors.

While most thesis students will receive some level of honors, completion of a thesis is not in itself sufficient for honors. IGS departmental honors are based on the examining committee's evaluation of the completed thesis and the record in courses for the IGS major. Students will be informed about any honors received as soon as possible following the defense, usually during the week preceding Commencement.