Bachelor of Arts in International and Global Studies

If you want to address the world’s most pressing problems, you’ll need to study more than political science or international relations. You’ll need to explore the economic, historical, social and cultural dimensions of these issues as well. Our International and Global Studies (IGS) Program is founded on the conviction that only a truly interdisciplinary approach will give you the insights you need to understand — and perhaps to solve — the challenges of our globalized world.

A major or minor in IGS begins with an introductory course in international and global studies as well as three core courses in anthropology, political-economy and international relations. You’ll also take elective courses offered in departments across campus, from fine arts to French, from environmental studies to sociology, from women’s, gender and sexuality studies to history.

IGS Majors will concentrate in one of three areas:

Students who entered Brandeis University prior to fall 2022 are not required to select a concentration; they have the option of following earlier program requirements according to the University Bulletin from the year they entered Brandeis.

Why Brandeis?

At Brandeis, you will be taught by scholars and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines, all of whom share a commitment to teaching and mentoring. They will encourage you to think, speak and write knowledgeably about global issues from a multitude of perspectives, which is vital to making a positive difference in the world.

Academics and Research

Faculty and Student Excellence

Beyond the Classroom

Careers, Graduate Study and Alumni

“IGS has provided me with unique opportunities to take concepts learned inside the classroom and see their applications in everyday life.”

Rolonda Donelson ’20

Undergraduate Departmental Representative