Students wishing to complete the IGS international experience requirement by completing an internship must meet the following requirements. The internship must involve at least 100 hours of work over at least six weeks. To satisfy the International Experience requirement, all internships must take place abroad. 


The internship must be at an organization — whether private sector, governmental, or non-profit — centrally concerned with the wide range of issues covered in the IGS major.

There are many fields that touch on the issues covered in the IGS major, including but not limited to politics, diplomacy, non-governmental aid, management consulting firms, finance, technology, journalism, media, entertainment and more.

Once a student receives an internship offer, they should submit their internship details to IGS Internship Advisor, Kristen Lucken through this form.

After a student completes the required internship hours, please have the internship supervisor submit a letter, via email, verifying that you have completed 100 hours over the course of at least six weeks to IGS Internship Advisor, Kristen Lucken, and copy IGS Academic Administrator, Jazz Dottin.

Making the Most of Hiatt

Students are encouraged to begin their search for internships by working with the Hiatt Career Center and accessing the Handshake platform. Within Handshake you will find a library of career-related resources, just for Brandeis students, to help you learn more about yourself, explore your field(s) of interest, prepare for interviews and more.

Login to Handshake using your UNET username and password to unlock all of these resources and have immediate access to job and internship postings from employers, including alumni, that are looking to hire Brandeis students. Use keyword searches to look specifically for opportunities in the international and global studies field.

For additional information and tips on how to make the most out of your Handshake profile, visit the Handshake Student Help Center

Past Internship Sites

IGS maintains a list of sites where IGS students have interned in the past that you may access here while logged into your Brandeis account.

Funding Your Internship

Students will discover that organizations hosting internships will vary widely in how they compensate interns for their work. Students seeking external funding to support an unpaid internship are encouraged to apply for Brandeis funding such as the World of Work fellowships offered through Hiatt, or additional university funding opportunities.

International Students

International students have completed the IGS international experience requirement by studying "abroad" at Brandeis University. You do not need to study abroad or complete an international internship to meet this requirement. International students seeking to enroll in a for-credit IGS internship should contact the IGS Internship Liaison to see if a for-credit internship can be arranged.