International Experience

Students don't just study the global community; they become a part of it.

2 Students standing in front of Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russiaoking at papers; on the wall behind her is a map of South America covered with green hand printsAll IGS majors are required to undertake a significant international experience. They may choose to fulfill this program requirement through study abroad or an internship.

Many students choose to study abroad, and select from dozens of approved study abroad programs, including Universidad de Alicante (Spain), Beijing Institute of Education (China), the University of Haifa (Israel) and the University of Cape Town (South Africa). Please review the IGS Study Abroad page to learn more about fulfilling the international experience requirement through study abroad.

Alternatively, students can choose an internship connected with the themes of the IGS program. With the help of IGS faculty and the staff of the Hiatt Career Center, students can find internship programs geared to their own specific interests and desired locations. These internships must take place in a foreign country unless a student is prevented from living abroad for financial or health reasons. Recent internships for IGS students include:

  • International Institute for Sustainable Development (Canada)
  • The Green Party of England and Wales
  • Center for Strategic Studies (Jordan)
  • The State Department

Please review the IGS internship page to learn more about fulfilling the international experience requirement through an internship.

Alumni Spotlight

Nelly Schläfereit

Nelly Schläfereit ’15 is a Junior Expert at the GFA Consulting Group, one of the leading European consulting firms active in the development cooperation sector. GFA has a long history of managing projects across the board for several industries. Nelly currently works in Senegal, on a project that aims to create professional opportunities for young people. While at Brandeis, she was a recipient of the prestigious Sorensen Fellowship, through which she interned for a small NGO in Senegal.