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Lemberg Children's Center

There are many ways to support the Lemberg Children's Center by designating your donation to one of the following funds:

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General Fund

We need funds to send staff to professional conferences, purchase equipment, hire substitute teachers and replenish funds used for emergencies. We never have enough in our budget to support staff development, or repair damaged equipment.  The list is long, from an AED for first aid, to funds for a locksmith, plumber or carpenter, or to allocate a few extra dollars to our grocery budget so we can purchase organic foods and reduce the intake of pesticides. Your contribution to our operating expenses makes possible some wishes we’ve put off. Thank you for donating to our daily needs.

Scholarships for lower income families

It is critical to our mission to make our services available to all families. Our sliding scale tuition helps our diverse community, including international families, lower income Brandeis employees and graduate students, afford the high quality educational program we provide, and gives them peace of mind while working and studying. Donations to this fund have helped hundreds of families when parents lose jobs, or break ups sever financial support. These funds allow us to accept children on state vouchers, since government tuition payments are well below our lowest rates. Your donation to scholarships helps Lemberg be diverse, responsive and supportive when it is really needed.

Dybwad Consultants Fund for Special Educational Needs

It is essential to ensure that teachers and parents have specialists to consult with for each child’s healthy development. We work with specialists in speech, communication, motor development, sensory processing, and emotional or behavioral needs. Established with a gift in 1996 from Gunnar and Rosemary Dybwad, global leaders in educational inclusion and human rights for all, we have weekly consultant support. Donations to this fund supports specialists working with children and their parents as well as our teachers.

Sumner and Edie Milender Fund to promote music and THINKING IN MUSIC (TiM) and ARTS FOR CRITICAL THINKING.

Music is a wonderful way for children to develop concentration and collaborative skills while making connections with math, science and their creative abilities.  This fund established by the Milenders: 1) Helps us purchase musical instruments & equipment. 2) Supports research with Brandeis University’s Psychology Department. 3) Helps our teachers work with University students to implement Arts for Critical Thinking and other music curriculum at senior centers and other schools.

Barbara Harris Fund for the Arts

Since the 1970s, Lemberg has advanced creative movement and drama as an important part of our teacher training and practice. Named to honor the memory of Barbara Harris, former Lemberg Board President and Brandeis theatre faculty member, this fund has brought many guest artists to work with our teachers, teaching assistants and children.

Playground Phase III (Adventure)

Constructing our adventure playground with a slide built into the hillside and a rock wall or water feature is a dream that’s been on hold as we’ve created our gardens and accessible playground. We’d like to turn our attention to this play space between our upper and lower playgrounds.

Environmental Education