2018 Teacher Forum

Marilyn Cochran-Smith

March 4, 2018

Your Classroom as a Laboratory: Teacher Research at School and Beyond with Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Marilyn Cochran-Smith showed how educators can go from questions about their own practice to studies that illuminate their work with students and provide insight for others, using examples of research other teachers have conducted. Teachers had the opportunity to frame research questions related to their practice, while school leaders learned about the conditions in schools that make teacher research possible.

Dr. Cochran-Smith is the Cawthorne Professor of Teacher Education for Urban Schools at the Lynch School of Education, Boston College. A leader in teacher education for more than 40 years, Cochran-Smith is a frequent presenter nationally and internationally and is widely known for her work on teacher education research, policy and practice and her sustained commitment to inquiry and social justice. She is the author of nine books, including “Inquiry as Stance: Practitioner Research for the Next Generation,” (Teachers College Press, 2009).

Professor Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Professor Cochran-Smith’s presentation: