Distance Teaching During a Time of Crisis

What happens in a classroom when a country has suffered a series of attacks that shake its sense of security?

What pedagogies take priority when teachers and students are forced to educate and learn during a time of war?

Distance Teaching During a Time of Crisis addresses the current moment in Israel during Fall 2023, as teachers have been forced to move their classrooms online and work with their students in a time of extreme duress. Led by Professor Ziva Hassenfeld, the research team has spoken with over 40 teachers to find out how they think about their classrooms and teaching, even as disasters continue to unfold. Distance Teaching During a Time of Crisis will tell the stories of the war as it is reflected in the education systems in Israel and as it is reflected and experienced by teachers and learners.

This project is funded in part by the Office of the President at Brandeis University.

Research Assistant

Tal Eitan headshot
Tal Eitan

Tal Eitan is an educator from Israel. She graduated from Harvard's Graduate School of Education, specializing in education policy and analysis. Before joining HGSE, she had a significant role in leading various educational programs in Israel. Her focus was on providing equal opportunities to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. She has a particular interest in promoting peacebuilding and coexistence between Israel and Palestine.