Turn It and Turn It Again

Cover of "Turn It and Turn It Again"Now available via Open Access

Turn It and Turn It Again: Studies in the Teaching and Learning of Classical Jewish Texts, edited by Jon A. Levisohn and Susan P. Fendrick.

From the foreword, by Sharon Feiman-Nemser: "This book provides a rare glimpse into the hidden world of teacher thinking—how teachers of Bible and rabbinic literature decide what and how to teach and how they justify their decisions. It offers images of the possible—vivid cases of teaching and learning to nourish the pedagogical imagination. It contributes a shared language for analyzing the teaching and learning of classical Jewish texts by presenting useful concepts and frameworks. Finally, it models an investigative stance toward teaching and learning."

This book emerged from the Bridging Scholarship and Pedagogy in Jewish Studies project.

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Sharon Feiman-Nemser
  1. Introduction: Cultivating Curiosity about the Teaching of Classical Jewish Texts
    Jon A. Levisohn and Susan P. Fendrick

  2. A Map of Orientations to the Teaching of the Bible
    Barry W. Holtz

  3. What Are the Orientations to the Teaching of Rabbinic Literature?
    Jon A. Levisohn

  4. Teaching Talmudic Hermeneutics Using a Semiotic Model of Law
    Daniel Reifman

  5. Neusner, Brisk, and the Stam: Significant Methodologies for Meaningful Talmud Teaching and Study
    Michael Chernick

  6. The Pedagogy of Slowing Down: Teaching Talmud in a Summer Kollel
    Jane Kanarek

  7. Serendipity and Pedagogy: Presenting the Weekly Parashah Through Rabbinic Eyes
    Carl M. Perkins

  8. Introducing the Bible: The Comparative Orientation in Practice
    Jon A. Levisohn

  9. Teaching Ancient Jewish History: An Experiment in Engaged Learning
    Michael L. Satlow

  10. "A Judaism That Does Not Hide": Curricular Warrants for the Teaching of the Documentary Hypothesis in Jewish Community High Schools
    Susan E. Tanchel

  11. Developing Student Awareness of the Talmud as an Edited Document: A Pedagogy for the Pluralistic Jewish Day School
    Jeffrey Spitzer

  12. A Theory of Havruta Learning
    Orit Kent

  13. "Torah Talk": Teaching Parashat Ha-shavua to Young Children
    Shira Horowitz

  14. Using the Contextual Orientation to Facilitate the Study of Bible with Generation X
    Beth Cousens, Susan P. Fendrick, and Jeremy S. Morrison

  15. Academic Study of the Talmud as a Spiritual Endeavor in Rabbinic Training: Delights and Dangers
    Jonah Chanan Steinberg

  16. Teaching Rabbinics as an Ethical Endeavour and Teaching Ethics as a Rabbinic Endeavour
    Sarra Lev