Department of Mathematics

Enrolling in MATH 5a, MATH 10a or MATH 10b

  • You can use Work Day to enroll in a section of Math 5a, 10a, or 10b, or to switch sections.
  • Multiple Sections: If your top choice of section is closed, you should check to see if another section also works with your schedule. We strongly recommend signing up for that section (and attending that section) while waiting for a spot in your preferred section on that waitlist.
  • Waitlists: If the section you want is closed, you are welcome to add yourself to the waitlist. If/when a spot opens up, if you are next on the waiting list, you should get an email from Work Day letting you know and giving you 24 hours to enroll in that section. Please act as soon as possible when you get that email so that other students can get their spots based on your choice to stay or switch.
  • If you haven't been able to enroll in a section, you can and should attend class. All the instructors are used to this. If you start in one section but switch to another, we will make sure all your grades get transferred over (you won't need to re-do anything you have already completed).
  • You may not enroll in two sections at the same time.
  • We strive to get all students who want to take Math 5a, 10a, or 10b a spot in a class. You will be able to enroll in a section that fits your schedule, but we cap all the classes to make sure that no one section gets too big. We are also limited by logistics like classroom capacities. This means that while you will get into a section, you might not get your top choice (see below). 
  • If you have not been able to enroll in a section that fits into your academic schedule by Tuesday, September 12th, please see our administrator Catherine Broderick (, 781-736-3050) in the math department office (Goldsmith 218). Ms. Broderick can check your schedule in Work Day and help you submit an override request, which she can then approve. Note again that the override request might not be for your top choice of section.
  • Ms. Broderick is the only person who can approve overrides.

  • Taking yourself off waitlists: If you got into a section that works for you, please remove yourself from the waitlists of any other sections. (This will help expedite the process for other students; thanks!)