Department Events

The Eisenbud Lectures in Mathematics and Physics are the result of a generous donation by Leonard and Ruth-Jean Eisenbud, intended for a yearly set of lectures by an eminent physicist or mathematician working close to the interface of the two subjects. The Speaker will be Nima Arkani-Hamed (Institute for Advanced Study). Canceled for Spring 2020.

Eisenbud Lecture Series 2007-2020

The Directed Reading Program (DRP) pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to undertake independent study projects of various sizes and scopes over the course of the spring semester. The projects can take the form of reading and working through a mathematics text, reading research papers, or even doing research. Students presented their research at the end of the semester.

Summer Prep Camp 2021

The Summer Math Prep Camp is a workshop run by the Graduate Student Representatives to help incoming graduate students with the transition to graduate school. Advanced graduate students teach refresher courses in analysis, algebra, and topology.