Department of Mathematics

Council of Graduate Student Representatives

Declaration of Purpose

We, the mathematics graduate students, recognize ourselves as an important part of the mathematics department at Brandeis University: as students, as instructors, as mathematicians. To facilitate communication within the department and with the rest of Brandeis community, and to make it easier to get things done, we have elected four Graduate Student Representatives.

The Graduate Student Representatives advocate on our behalf, work on keeping our department friendly and conducive to our professional development and organize events contributing to the professional and cultural life of the department.

While the particular implementation of these goals is left up to our Representatives, the following should be organized every year:

The seminar is a place where one can present one's mathematical interests to the rest of the graduate students. The department happily supports this enterprise and typically is willing to provide funds for refreshments, thus strengthening the important math-food connection. View the schedule of talks.

Summer Prep Camp

To help the incoming graduate students with the transition to grad school, the Graduate Student Representatives run a workshop two weeks before the start of the school year. Advanced graduate students teach refresher courses in analysis, algebra, and topology. During the evenings and weekends, graduate students get together to play ultimate Frisbee, board games, bar trivia, or go hiking.

Modeled on programs at Chicago, MIT, Maryland, UC Berkeley, etc., the Directed Reading Program pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to undertake independent study projects of various sizes and scopes over the course of the spring semester.

Panel Discussions

At the beginning of each semester, there is a panel discussion in which older grad students impart their wisdom to younger grad students. Topics include: choosing an advisor, teaching, doing research, giving seminar and colloquium talks, writing dissertations, applying for jobs, and work-life balance.

Summer Teaching

Several math instructor positions are available each year in the Brandeis Summer School. Everyone who has passed the apprenticeship program at Brandeis is considered.

Department Tea

Twice each week, graduate students, faculty, visitors, including seminar and colloquium speakers, gather in the lounge to enjoy tea and cookies while discussing mathematics.

Welcome Back and End of Year Parties

At the start and end of each year, we organize a party for the faculty, staff, and grad students. We often play soccer, Frisbee, and Bocce Ball, or board games and math trivia, if the party's indoors.


Elections for next year's Representatives are held in the spring. All current graduate students that will be around next year can run, and all current math graduate students are eligible to vote.