Department of Mathematics

Jerome Levine Thesis Prize

The Mathematics Department has created a prize in honor of Jerry's wonderful legacy of guiding graduate students; it is called the Jerome Levine Prize and is given annually to a graduate student finishing with an outstanding PhD thesis. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Jerry's friends and colleagues in funding this award.

Prize winners

  • (2020) Langte Ma, Gluing and Surgery for the Casson-Seiberg-Witten Invariant of Integral 
    Homology S1 × S3
  • (2019) Ying Zhou, Four problems related to maximal green sequences
  • (2018) Yan Zhuang, Noncommutative Symmetric Functions and Permutation Enumeration
  • (2017) Yiting Li, Rigidity of eigenvalues for β ensemble in multi-cut regime

  • (2017) Biji Wong, Torsion Invariants of 3-orbifolds, Equivariant Corks, & Heegaard Floer Homology

  • (2016) Matthew Cordes, Morse boundaries of proper geodesic spaces

  • (2015) Anna Medvedovsky, Lower bounds on dimensions of mod-p Hecke algebras:The nilpotence method.

  • (2014) Stephen Hermes, Higher homotopy structure of Ginzburg algebras

  • (2013) Alyson Burchardt, The Hausmann-Weinberger 4-manifold invariant of right-angled Artin groups.

  • (2012) Ryan Broderick, Incompressibility and fractals.

  • (2010) Mark Radosevich, Concave spin fillings of contact 3-manifolds.

  • (2009) Brian Drake, An Inversion Theorem for Labeled Trees and Some Limits of Areas under Lattice Paths.

  • (2008) Hsin-Hong Lai, The invariance of virtual classes under blow up of a point when g=0.