Graduate Advising Head

Bruce Goode faculty image
Bruce Goode
Biology Department Vice Chair
Professor of Biology
781-736-2464 Rosenstiel 532

Expertise: Cytoskeletal mechanisms controlling cell morphogenesis. 

Graduate Admissions Head

Paul Garrity, Biology faculty
Paul Garrity
Professor of Biology
781-736-3127 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center, 2-16

Neural development and behavior

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Master's Advising Head - Fall 2022

Neil Simister
Neil Simister
Associate Professor of Biology
Director, Professional Science Master's Program in Biotechnology
781-736-4952 Bassine Science Building 203

Expertise: Molecular immunology, antibody transport.

Biology Undergraduate Advising Head - Fall 2023

Master's Advising Head - Spring 2023

Maria de Boef Miara, MS Advising faculty
Maria de Boef Miara
Assistant Professor of Biology
Master's Advising Head for MCB and Neuroscience
781-736-3106 Bassine Science Building, 119

Comparative anatomy, evolution, physiology, biomechanics

Division of Science Graduate Affairs

Jane Theriault
Academic Administrator for Graduate Program in MCB
781-736-2302 Rosenstiel-Kosow Connector RK02