Faculty & Research

Research Faculty

Susan Birren, Biology faculty
Susan Birren
Professor of Neurobiology
781-736-2680 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center, 1-06A
Developmental Neurobiology
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Alexandre Bisson, Assistant Professor of Biology
Alexandre Bisson
Assistant Professor of Biology
Cellular Organization and Behavior in the Archaea domain of life
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Niels Bradshaw, Biochemistry faculty
Niels Bradshaw
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
781-736-2309 Kosow, 206
Regulation of Protein Phosphatases and the Evolution of Cellular Signaling
steven deluca
Steven DeLuca
Assistant Professor of Biology
781-736-4951  Rosenstiel 441
Developmental control of gene expression. 
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Guillaume Duclos
Guillaume Duclos
Assistant Professor of Physics
781-736-2167 Abelson 208
Self-organization of Living and Active matter
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Paul Garrity, Biology faculty
Paul Garrity
Professor of Biology
781-736-3127 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center, 2-16
Neural development and behavior
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Jeff Gelles, Biochemistry faculty
Jeff Gelles
Aron and Imre Tauber Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmocology
781-736-2377 Kosow, 208
Single-molecule Biochemistry and Biophysics. Transcription and RNA processing. Cytoskeletal networks and regulation.
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Bruce Goode, Biology faculty
Bruce Goode
Professor of Biology
781-736-2464 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Science Research Center, 532
Cytoskeletal Assembly and Dynamics
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Leslie Griffith, Biology faculty
Leslie Griffith
Nancy Lurie Marks Professor of Neuroscience
Director of the Volen National Center for Complex Systems
781-736-3125 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center, 2-06B
The Biochemistry of Behavior
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James Haber, Biology faculty
James Haber
Abraham and Etta Goodman Professor of Biology
Director, Rosenstiel Basic Medial Sciences Research Center
781-736-2462 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Science Research Center, 302
Repair of broken chromosomes and triggering of the DNA damage response
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Liz Hedstrom, MCB faculty member
Liz Hedstrom
Professor of Biology and Chemistry
781-736-2333 Kosow, 112
Antimicrobial design; targeted protein degradation; TSC2 activators; enzyme structure-function studies.
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Tijana Ivanovic., Biochemistry & MCB faculty member
Tijana Ivanovic
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
781-736-2439 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Science Research Center, 450
Uncovering fundamental molecular mechanisms of virus translocation across biological membranes
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Sebastian Kadener, MCB faculty member
Sebastian Kadener
Associate Professor of Biology
781-736-4915 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Science Research Center, 332
Molecular Neurobiology and RNA metabolism
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Julia Kardon, Biochemistry & MCB faculty member
Julia Kardon
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
781-736-2359 Kosow, 303
Mechanisms for control of mitochondrial protein activity, quality, and lifespan
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Jané Kondev
Jané Kondev
Professor of Physics
781-736-2812 Abelson 301
Physical Biology of the Cell
Isaac Krauss, Chemistry & MCB faculty member
Isaac Krauss
Associate Professor of Chemistry
781-736-2574 Edison-Lecks, 226
Chemical glycobiology and organic chemistry
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Yerbol Z. Kurmangaliyev
Yerbol Z. Kurmangaliyev
Assistant Professor of Biology

Yerbol Kurmangaliyev will be on-campus beginning January 2023.

Expertise: Genomics of brain development

Susan Lovett, Biology & MCB faculty member
Susan Lovett
Abraham S. and Gertrude Burg Professor of Microbiology
781-736-2497 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Science Research Center, 337
Genetics and molecular biology of bacteria and yeast
Michael Marr, Biology & MCB faculty member
Michael Marr
Associate Professor of Biology
781-736-2481 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Science Research Center, 334
Gene Expression in Cellular Stress Responses
Sacha Nelson, Biology & MCB faculty member
Sacha Nelson
Gyula and Katica Tauber Professor of Life Science
781-736-3181 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center, 1-21
Physiological genomics of the mammalian neocortex
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Suzanne Paradis, Biology & MCB faculty member
Suzanne Paradis
Associate Professor of Biology
781-736-5305 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center, 1-08A
Molecular mechanisms of synaptic development.
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 Kaushik Ragunathan
Kaushik Ragunathan
Assistant Professor of Biology

Molecular mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance; single molecule approaches to study chromatin associated factors in vitro and in cells.

Avital Rodal, Biology & MCB faculty member
Avital Rodal
Associate Professor of Biology
781-736-2459 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Science Research Center, 528
Endosomal Membrane Traffic in Neurons
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Ben Rogers, Mathematics and MCB faculty member at Brandeis University
W. Benjamin Rogers
Associate Professor of Physics
781-736-2857 Abelson-Bass-Yalem Building, 221
Complex fluids and biological physics; programmable self-assembly of soft materials; colloidal interactions and phase transitions; DNA nanotechnology; self-organization of active matter; optical trapping and single-molecule science.
Michael Rosbash, Biology facutly member
Michael Rosbash
Peter Gruber Endowed Chair in Neuroscience
Professor of Biology and Howard Hughes Medial Institute Investigator
781-736-3160 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center, 2-24B
Circadian Rhythms, Behavior, and Gene Expression
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Piali Sengupta, Biology & MCB faculty member
Piali Sengupta
Professor of Neurobiology
Chair, Department of Biology
781-736-2686 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center, 2-08A
Neurogenetics of sensory behaviors
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Timothy Street, Biochemistry & MCB faculty
Timothy Street
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
781-736-4961 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Science Research Center, 648A
Mechanisms of protein folding in the cell
Douglas Theobald, Biochemistry & MCB faculty member
Douglas Theobald
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
781-736-2303 Kosow, 308
Structural bioinformatics analysis of telomeric complexes, integrating X-ray crystallographic structure determination, molecular evolution, and structure-function studies.
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Gina Turrigiano, Biology & MCB faculty member
Gina Turrigiano
Joseph Levitan Professor of Vision Science
Chair, Neuroscience Program
781-736-2684 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center, 1-28
Homeostasis and Neural Circuit Plasticity and Function
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Hannah Yervick
Hannah Yevick
Assistant Professor of Physics
781-736-2806 Abelson 326

Master's Advising Head

Maria de Boef Miara, MS Advising faculty
Maria de Boef Miara
Assistant Professor of Biology
Master's Advising Head for MCB and Neuroscience
781-736-3106 Bassine Science Building, 119
Comparative anatomy, evolution, physiology, biomechanics