Graduate Students

Daniel Blair
MA Student

political theory
Christiana Botticello
PhD Student

Comparative politics, nationalism, nation-building, post-Soviet politics, 
comparative political behavior, trust in government, civic activism and efficacy, politics and religion, teaching statistics
Jeremy Kingston Cynamon
PhD Student

Political theory, public policy

Mika Hackner
PhD Student

Comparative politics, democratization, democratic theory, party systems, and militant democracy

Jack Huguley
PhD Student

International relations, political theory, security studies, grand strategy, nuclear proliferation, coercive diplomacy, U.S. foreign and defense policy, IR theory

Lan Ngo
PhD Student

International relations, comparative politics, U.S. foreign policy, U.S. grand strategy and use of force, U.S.-China relations

Anja Parish
PhD Student

American Political Development, Historical Institutionalism, Immigration Policy, Public Policy, National Security, Migration, Citizenship, Comparative Policy, Gender and Policy, Tribal Policy, and Terrorism
Daniel Ruggles
PhD Student

American politics

Maria Smerkovich
PhD Student

Comparative politics, international relations, language conflict and violence, ethnic identity and mobilization

Paul Spalletta
PhD Student

Political theory, international relations, international relations theory, totalitarianism and democracy, ancient and contemporary political philosophy, Eastern political philosophy, political history, security studies, foreign policy, grand strategy, classical geopolitics

Kelly Stedem
PhD Student

Comparative Politics, International Relations, Clientelism and Patronage, Security, and contemporary Middle Eastern politics

Nathanial Walker
PhD Student

International relations

Danielle Zeoli
PhD Student