Department of Politics

Greenberg Scholar Grant Program

The Greenberg Scholars fund offers small grants ranging from $200 to $1,500 to be used for research-related expenses, such as essential hardware or software, digital recorders, travel or other justifiable expenses that facilitate the gathering or analysis of evidence to support a high-quality honors thesis.

This funding opportunity is especially valuable for those students who plan to conduct original research; although, all honors thesis writers are encouraged, though not required, to apply.

To apply, please prepare:

  1. a brief statement of research objectives

  2. a budget that includes your projected research-related expenses

  3. a supporting statement from a faculty member

You may apply for this research related support in either your junior or senior years, but we ask that you meet one of the following deadlines for submitting your funding application: October 13, 2024 (if you will be a senior) or May 5, 2024 (if you are currently a junior seeking support for research you expect to begin during the summer prior to your senior year).  Application materials should be submitted to the Honors Director, Professor Alejandro Trelles.

A committee of politics faculty members will consider all applications, and funding decisions will be made within 10 days of the application deadlines.

In the spring semester, all Greenberg Scholars will participate in a panel where they will present their research. Greenberg Scholars will be required by the terms of their grant to present at this event.

This funding opportunity was made possible by a generous donation from the Joshua Greenberg Memorial Fund. Joshua Greenberg (1970-1998) graduated from Brandeis, '92, with a major in politics. The Joshua Greenberg Memorial Fund was established by Joshua's family and friends to honor his life and preserve his memory.