Transfer Credit

Transfer Students

Complete information for transfer students can be found on the Academic Advising: Transfers website.

Study Abroad

Complete information on transferring credit from study abroad programs can be found on the Study Abroad webpage.

Additional information can be found on the "Returning to Brandeis" section of the Study Abroad website. When you have university approval of general course credit, make an appointment to see the Politics Study Abroad Advisor Professor Jill Greenlee. Bring proof of course approval plus the Petition for Major/Minor Transfer Credit (TC03) (pdf) with your part filled out.

The department will send the completed Petition to the Registrar's Office.

Courses Taken at Other U.S. Institutions or Other Departments at Brandeis

If you would like to receive Brandeis credit or use courses for requirements from a summer study at an American university or program here in the United States, you should complete the "Online Petition to Request Substitution for a Requirement".