Catholic Community

catholic communityOn campus, the Catholic student community is supported by Allison Cornelisse, the pastoral associate for Catholic and spiritual life. As the Catholic chaplain, Allison helps coordinated mass and holiday services as well as serves as a religious advisor to Catholic students. Currently, there is no official priest at Brandeis, however, there is always a guest priest available on weekends to lead mass. The Catholic services at Brandeis draw more than just students, as many families from the Waltham community attend. Weekly mass services are held on Sundays at 10 a.m. in Bethlehem Chapel, as well as on major holidays.

Cardinal Cushing Catholic students at Brandeis can also join the Catholic Student Organization (CSO). In addition to providing a space for Catholic students to discuss their faith, the CSO holds community events, such as an annual Interfaith Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas tree decorating in the Shapiro Campus Center. The CSO holds events in the Multi-Faith Lounge, Bethlehem Chapel, or the Intercultural Center.