Sacred Places

At Brandeis, students drive the presence of religious resources and worship opportunities. With the support and guidance of the Center for Spiritual Life, students craft the landscape of religious life. Religious and spiritual gatherings take place in spaces that range from the original three chapels to the Muslim Prayer Room and the Dharmic Prayer Space, among others.

Sacred Places Gallery

photo of a manmade pond with a brick wall around it in the foreground and two brick chapels in the background with trees next to and behind the chapels, with young green leaves

Chapel Pond

Colorful round dessert on the right with two bags of tea beside it, and an altar on the left

Celebration of Mahavir Jayanti in the Dharmic Prayer Space

photo of a room with flapjacks - small legless seats with a back - in a circle on a rug with a small centerpiece with rocks and tall windows in the back

Peace Room, Usdan

Colorful Jewish Ark holding a Torah with colorful curtain in foreground, an elaborate candlestick and a wool wall weaving on the left and tall windows in the back

Berlin Chapel

view from one room with Muslim prayer rugs on the floor and Muslim script on the wall; through open wooden doors is a room with a couch and a door going into an inner office

Muslim Prayer Room

photo of altar in foreground with crucifix and chairs behind, with tall window in the background with cars visible parked in the distance

Bethlehem Chapel