Student Groups

  • Mindful cooking photo with Hindu student group Namaskar

    Mindful cooking class with Hindu Spiritual Advisors Anjum and Partha Biswas

  •  5 students sitting together in chapel

    Members of Catholic Student Organization

  • photo of a few students on the floor creating pictures with colored powder

    Creation of Rangoli designs hosted by Namaskar.

  • large group of students posing for a picture

    Muslim Student Association

  • large group of students posed together outside

    Members of Cru

  • photo of people dressed for Indian holiday of Diwali

    Students and staff celebrating Diwali on campus

  • male and female smiling students, dressed festively and some wearing headcoverings, stand together under a balloon sign that reads "Eid Dinner"

    Eid Dinner hosted by the Muslim Student Association

  • smiling people in long kayaks on a river

    Members of Asian Baptist Student Koinonia

There are more than 260 student clubs and organizations at Brandeis University.  There are a number of clubs related to religion and spirituality where Brandeis students are welcome to worship, practice, and join in a community of like-minded individuals:

Asian Baptist Student Koinonia

Brandeis Graduate Christian Fellowship

Brandeis Hillel (which lists affiliated Jewish student groups)

Catholic Student Organization

Chabad at Brandeis

Cru Brandeis Christian Fellowship

MEOR at Brandeis

Muslim Student Association


Sangha: Buddhist Meditation Club

Can't find a club, or wish to create a new one? Please email