Muslim Community

posed group of many students

The Brandeis Muslim Student Association (MSA) serves as both the main prayer and social organization for undergraduate Muslim students. The Muslim chaplain unites students from all different ethnicities and backgrounds around their Muslim faith. The MSA hosts social events such as meet and greets, pot-luck dinners, cultural cooking events, interfaith dialogues with other organizations, and academic lectures.

In addition to its social capacity, the Muslim chaplain and the MSA help Muslim students on campus meet their religious needs, including on or off campus prayer and finding Halal foods. A Muslim prayer space is located in the lower level of Usdan Student Center, complete with a prayer area, gathering space, small kitchen, wudu washing station, and an office. The area is open to students via swipe card access every day until Usdan closes. Muslims traditionally pray five times a day. Jum’ah Friday prayers are held in the Muslim prayer space every Friday at 1:15. MSA also helps organize holiday prayers for Ramadan, Eid, and other Muslim holidays.