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Summer School Enrollment Differences

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Enrollment in Summer School is quite different from enrolling in an academic year term.

  • There is no "shopping period" for summer courses. Please submit your course selections in SAGE only when you are certain you will be attending the Brandeis Summer School.
  • Summer School is one of the few places a Brandeis undergraduate can take an online class and have the class counts toward your GPA, as credits toward graduation, and help you to fulfill major, minor, and graduation requirements. Learn more about online classes here.
  • There is an additional step to enrolling in summer courses.  Brandeis degree candidates must activate themselves in summer term before they can enroll, as can be seen in steps 2 and 3 of the following documentation. If you have difficulty registering, there are detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to register in Sage are here. If you have continuing issues, please contact the Summer School via email at or by dialing 781-736-3424.
  • In the summer, instructors do not issue enrollment consent codes. Please email to request a consent code. If you are enrolling in an Economics course this summer, please contact Leslie Yancich, the ECON Department administrator,, for a code. 

  • The Summer School does not use consent codes for dropping a course or require an instructor’s signature for a drop form. Only INT 92G uses consent codes to drop because special special visa status may be involved for international students.  To drop a course, please send an email from your Brandeis email address to including your name and the course you wish to drop. Please refer to the Summer School Calendar to identify the deadline for dropping a course in a given session.
  • By registering for Summer School courses, you are making a financial commitment. Online enrollment presumes payment by the stated deadlines. If payment is not complete by the close of registration, May 24, 2019 for Session I & O and June 28, 2019 for Session 2, you will be dropped from your classes.  You will lose your slot in any limited enrollment or consent required courses.  
  • Summer School classes are treated the same as classes in the Fall or the Spring. This means that a Summer School class counts toward your GPA, as credits toward graduation, and help you to fulfill major, minor, and graduation requirements. Classes taken at other schools during the summer generally only count for purpose - meaning they can help you fulfill a prerequisite, but will not count in your GPA or toward credits for graduation. (Special conditions may apply for Brandeis transfer students - transfer students should consult the Brandeis Bulletin)
  • Specialized attention in small classes from faculty and one-on-one assistance from Summer School staff. 
  • Students in specific circumstances may request an extension on payment.  Please see the "Payment Extensions" section of our Payment page to determine the qualifications and the steps to receiving an extension.
  • No tuition bill for your summer charges will be sent to your billing address. You are expected to review your Student Account in SAGE and make appropriate payment arrangements by the expressed deadline.
  • Students whose payers have SAGE proxy log-ins may receive an automatically generated message that contains a different deadline for payment.  This message applies to a Fall Term and Spring Term, not to the Summer Term.   Please advise your proxies about the payment deadline.
  • Summer School is a self-supporting program, so all courses must meet a minimum enrollment to be given. Often students wait until the deadline to enroll in summer courses, so decisions regarding course cancellation are made just prior to the date a class is slated to begin. You are encouraged to register at your earliest convenience, and no later than May 24, 2019 for Session 1 & O and June 28, 2019 for Session 2, so that enrollment levels can be ascertained before classes begin. Students who have enrolled in courses that are canceled due to low enrollment may enroll in another open course or receive a full tuition and fee adjustment.


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Registration is now open for 2019 summer classes

Review our 2019 course offerings and use your summer wisely! Focus on a challenging course, fulfill prerequisites, discover a new major or minor, and make progress toward graduation.

Once you've selected your summer classes, use our helpful step-by-step guide to summer registration to navigate Sage and enroll in classes.

Online Summer Classes

If your summer plans take you away from Waltham, you can still earn Brandeis credits and continue your degree progress by taking an online summer course. Presented over 10-weeks in the summer, online courses give you the flexibility to balance your summer work, travel, family commitments and social life.