Payment of course tuition is expected to be paid by the Friday before the start of each session.

  • Session 1 and Extended Session O: May 31, 2024
  • Session 2: July 5, 2024

The Summer School reserves the right to drop students who have not paid by the enrollment deadline in order to make room for students on course waiting lists. If students anticipate a delay in their tuition payment, extensions will be granted by emailing 

Payment plans are not available for the Summer School.

Student Account Balances

Brandeis Summer School Registration opens April 2, 2024, however we can not display Summer Charges in Nelnet until our Spring 2024 monthly payment plan ends in mid-April. NOTE:  There is NO Monthly Payment Plan Available for Summer term.

If you know what your charges will be and want to pay your balance before charges post,  you can select to make a one time payment in Spring 2024 by e-check or credit card.  The payment will show as a Spring payment but it will apply to your Summer charges when the Summer tuition charges post.   Any past due spring balance will be paid first.

Please note that billing statements are not issued to the billing address on file in Workday for the summer. Student account balances should be viewed directly in Workday.

Payment Methods

Wire Transfer Options

Please note that there is often a delay in receipt of payment through wire transfers. Students submitting wire transfers are asked to forward a copy of the wire transfer receipt to to confirm their transaction.

Student Loans

If you are a current Brandeis undergraduate and qualify for loans as confirmed by your financial aid advisor in Student Financial Services, a notation is added to your financial record to prevent you from being dropped from your courses before loan funds are received.

Working closely with the Financial Aid Office, we will seek confirmation that you have completed all steps to qualify for loan funding.

Brandeis Summer School 2024 Financial Aid

Financial aid for Summer School 2024 is available in the form of need-based grants/scholarships and/or loans for Brandeis University undergraduate students who are active, full-time matriculants in a degree program. (Funding is not available to visiting students, students matriculated for a term that starts after Summer 2024, or students currently graduated, withdrawn, or are on leave). Please visit the Office of Student Financial Services for more information on the Summer School grant aid available.

This need-based Summer School aid is available for course tuition for Summer School courses and does not apply to optional on-campus housing or dining plans. This Summer School aid also does not apply to courses offered by the Heller School, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), Rabb Graduate and Professional Studies or the Brandeis International Business School (IBS).

Please note: Summer courses are also offered at a reduced rate when compared to the same course taken during the regular academic year. Many students find Summer School courses to be an economical way to advance toward graduation.

Brandeis Employees or Dependents Receiving Tuition Remission

If you or a family member is eligible for tuition remission, please submit the Human Resources approval forms at your earliest convenience.

Employees enrolled in Summer School courses should submit their forms to the University Registrar either in person or electronically. Please be sure to provide contact information should additional data be needed to establish a new student record. The Registrar's Office will forward submitted forms to the Summer School.

Dependents seeking tuition remission should submit their forms electronically by sending them to

In all cases, the Summer School will submit completed tuition remission forms to Human Resources. A single point of contact will insure prompt approval and application of appropriate credits.

Payment Extensions

Students seeking financial aid, whose families are making a withdrawal from a 529 investment account, or are using a wire transfer or applying for tuition remission, may request a payment extension. In all cases, documentation of the payment methods is required.

A copy of the request for 529 payments and a receipt for a wire transfer is required. For students seeking financial aid, we will check with financial aid officers to confirm that all loan forms have been completed. The Summer School will retain a copy of all tuition remission requests. Failure to provide documentation in a timely manner may result in canceled enrollments.

Questions Regarding Payment

Parents and guardians are encouraged to work with their student to obtain information regarding their Summer School enrollments and payments. The Summer School will be limited in what it is able to share in accordance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.