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Admission to Brandeis Summer School rests on the assumption that each student knows best what he or she wants to do, and can do. Enrollment is open to a wide cross-section of qualified persons, including students currently enrolled in other colleges and universities as well as individuals not currently engaged in any formal educational program, but who hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Your Financial Commitment

By registering for a Brandeis Summer School course you are making a financial commitment.  When you register, you will incur a $50 non-refundable, once per summer, registration fee, which must be paid whether or not you remain enrolled. All students are required to review and sign a Financial Responsibility Agreement during the registration process, the language of which is here. You will not be permitted to enroll in courses at Brandeis without completing this. 

Tuition Charges and Payments

Please review the table of tuition charges and instructions on making payment.

You must inform the Summer School office of any changes in your summer plans in writing addressed to

Online Courses

If you are interested in enrolling in an online course, you must complete our online learning training. You can learn more about online classes here

Registration Process

Please note that there are slight differences in the registration process for current Brandeis students, incoming Brandeis students, visiting students, and high school students. Please be sure to review the details relevant to you. 

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