photo of students at climate rally at MA state house with warming stripes banner

Over 50 Brandeis students attended the climate rally in Boston in the fall, displaying the warming stripes banner sewn by Professor Sally Warner and several volunteers.

Welcome to Brandeis' Year of Climate Action

So far this year, we've held 36 events and programs, with over 2600 attendees, with 19 campus partners, and enrolled students in six new courses with climate-related content!

This year is devoted to deepening our understanding of climate change as a social justice issue through our incredible lineup of curricular and co-curricular programming throughout the year, as well as university-wide initiatives to reduce our climate impacts.

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About the Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability helps to fulfill Brandeis' commitment to social justice and its responsibility to the global community by elevating and promoting the sustainability of our campus and our community.

We do this through advocacy and policy work, educational programming, grants programs, competitions and a host of sustainability initiatives. Specifically, we are committed to reducing the university's carbon footprint as outlined in our Climate Action Plan, and to mitigating our impact on climate change in accordance with the "We Are Still In" declaration.

We invite you to join and support our work to help create a better Brandeis, a better community and a better world, now and for years to come.

“Since its founding in 1948, social justice has been central to the mission of Brandeis University. Our world today is radically different, as is our understanding and practice of social justice. Maintaining our commitment to this value necessarily means that we act on climate change with an urgency like never before.”