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The goals of the Brandeis University Office of Sustainability are to help fulfill the University's commitment to social justice, and our responsibility to the global community, by reducing our carbon footprint through our Climate Action Plan. We are committed to mitigating our impact on climate change according to the We Are Still In declaration, and to elevating the sustainability of our campus and our community. 

In addition, we work across the University to improve our sustainability profile in many other ways. See below for examples of some of our most recent projects.

Highlights of Sustainability at Brandeis

  • First Climate Action Plan created
  • Bottled water use restricted on campus at large events
  • Brandeis Sustainability Fund established
  • Gosman solar installed
  • Solar thermal installed on Charles River Apartments
  • First electric car charging stations installed
  • Dining hall compost program launched
  • Sustainability starts being included in New Employee Orientation
  • Short-term carbon reduction goal exceeded
  • Skyline residence hall built with campus' first geothermal system
  • First in region to install electric car charging stations from Electrify America
  • Reusable take-out boxes launched at the Faculty Club
  • Campus-wide switch to recycled content paper



Did you know?

Sodexo locations on campus give a discount when you refill your reusable mug instead of using a disposable cup! Save money and BGreen. Learn more about the why reusable mugs are better in the Reusable Mug Tradeoff, created by our own chapter of Students for Environmental Action.