Office of Sustainability

Toolkit for a Sustainable Classroom

array of reusable drink containers in various primary colors

By using this resource guide, you will be contributing to the conservation of natural and financial resources. Thank you for supporting Brandeis University’s sustainability efforts by implementing this toolkit in your classroom! 

Classroom and Building Management

  • Switch off all electronic equipment, especially computers and projectors, and turn off the lights when you leave a classroom.
  • Turn off hallway lights, if possible, when you leave for the day.
  • Make sure the trash and recycling bins are visible and easily accessible.
  • Encourage and model using reusable beverage containers.

Learning Opportunities    

  • The Office of Sustainability can provide data about campus electricity, natural gas, waste and renewable energy use to incorporate into your lesson plans. 
  • We can lead your class on an in-person or virtual tour of the Charlestown facility that processes Brandeis' recycling, and/or the site that receives our organic waste on the North Shore. Email for assistance in scheduling.

Communication and Travel

  • Schedule office hours immediately before or after class to reduce travel.
  • Offer virtual chat times with Zoom in lieu of making appointments on campus.
  • For off-campus trips or meetings, schedule carpooling with Bay State Commute or use public transportation.

Go Paperless

  • Accept and grade assignments through LATTE, Google Drive or email.
  • Post class syllabi, handouts, class notes, surveys, quizzes and readings through LATTE.
  • Use library resources such as: