Green Your Event

The goal of a green event is to make the most climate-friendly choices among your options.

Using our Guide to Green Events, developed in partnership with Sustainable Brandeis, the Office of Conference and Events Services, Sodexo, the Staff Action Team on Climate Change and facilities services, you can now streamline the process of greening your event.

Composting at Brandeis Events

In 2019, Brandeis catering services began providing all-compostable tableware at events rather than the disposable, nonrecyclable, No. 6 plastic tableware used previously. In addition, compost bins are now supplied at all events. These services are provided at no extra charge to the customer.

Choose Foods Wisely

The greatest climate impact of most events comes from the food that is ordered. In its menus, Sodexo identifies with a "G" those foods that have a lower carbon footprint than comparable items.

To reduce the impact of your event's menu, follow these guidelines:

After the event, post a list of leftover food on the Brandeis Free Food Facebook Group. Discard any food left out at room temperature for more than two hours, or one hour if the temperature was above 90 degrees F.